As a "web-worker" - Freelance Internet Developer (Web Designer, SEO Analyst, SEM Marketing Consultant etc.) or Service Providing Entrepreneur (small Web Hoster, Network Provider etc.) - you will eventually have to face a couple of unfortunate truths in your career.
Number one: just because you wear a bathrobe for most of your “business” hours does not actually make it business attire.
Number two: at some point in your freelance career, you will encounter a client who does not respect the work you do.
The most unfortunate part of this unfortunate truth is that it will all too often present itself in the form of a client who refuses to pay for your services once all of the work has been completed respective services have been provided and used.
Taking the gripe to social media to alert others that this situation is unresolved and far from over. Members of the community at large may want to hear about projects that have ended unfavorably for freelancers, so that they can avoid working with those clients in future.
Establishing this list and turning to Twitter, Facebook and other networks to share this tale.
This write-up is at large sections based on a post from 2010 of Robert Bowen in Smashing Magazine. Credits for this content therefore to the originator